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Incident Response

Quicker Response

Wrixte delivers rapid incident response, providing fast and effective solutions for any cyber security incident. We are just a call away.

Complete Cleanup

Our team performs a thorough analysis of the attack’s source and impact, and eliminates the attacker’s access to the system to prevent future breaches.

Faster Restoration

Wrixte stands out as an incident response firm that places equal emphasis on data recovery, business restoration, and forensic investigation to minimize downtime.

What makes Wrixte better


Throughout the incident response process, a designated Incident Director will act as your main liaison and provide updates on progress, findings from the digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), and reports on incident data. This ensures that all members of your organization, from the SOC to the boardroom, are informed of the investigation's status and the implications of the findings.

Wrixte Incident Response Framework

Wrixte's Incident Response Framework allows for a swift response to any cybersecurity emergency on a large scale. An Incident Director oversees the response and assigns team members based on the type and scope of the attack. The team works in parallel to minimize downtime and costs, ensuring a quick and efficient resolution.

Experience & Expertise

With extensive experience managing and negotiating cases for all major threat groups across various industries, Wrixte has responded to numerous cyber incidents. Our team consists of skilled IT professionals,and digital forensics experts, who offer comprehensive protection to remediate any incident.

Protect your organization with our 24/7 dedicated team on duty to keep you safe.

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