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Managed Detection & Response


Detect and responds to Critical Infrastructure threats with our advanced security monitoring solutions.


Protect your critical infrastructure with our threat mitigation solutions for Industrial Systems.


Rapid cyber attack recovery for industrial networks to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity.

Obstacle to Industrial Control System Security

Traditional cybersecurity measures are insufficient to protect industrial networks. Our advanced security monitoring solutions offer effective protection against OT-specific threats.

Organizations believe OT security is important.:
Critical Infrastructure Organizations Will Experience a Security Breach by 2025 :
Growth rate of Industrial Cybersecurity Market :
Organizations faced operation disruption due to cyber attack on OT network :

OT Security

24/7 Managed OT SOC by Wrixte


Asset Discovery

Identifying devices and systems in Operational Technology networks to enable effective security monitoring.

Threat Analysis

Analyzing network traffic and device data in OT networks to detect and respond to cyber threats.

IoC Detection

Identifying suspicious activity and known threat indicators in Operational Technology (OT) networks to detect potential security breaches.


Incident Investigation

Our team investigates suspicious activity in industrial networks on your behalf, freeing you from alert fatigue and wasted time on false positives.

Data Retention & Forensics

Our service takes the burden of managing OT logs and network packets, allowing you to conduct additional investigations effortlessly if required.

Incident Response

Our system is designed to swiftly detect and respond to critical security incidents, helping to contain the spread of threats.


Incident Response Guidance

We collaborate with you on detection, response, and remediation to ensure the threat is neutralized and verify its non-recurrence.

Root Cause Analysis ​

Our team conducts thorough investigations to determine the underlying cause of incidents, allowing us to develop tailored rules and workflows to strengthen your security posture.

Exclusive Outreach

We conduct periodic meetings to evaluate your security posture and identify opportunities for enhancing your environment's security measures.

Protect your industrial network with our 24/7 dedicated OT security team on duty to keep you safe.

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