Detect & Prevent Cyber Attacks

The only way to prevent exploitation is by deploying a pre-emptive security solution that can identify and remediate the gaps in your network. With Wrixte attack simulation, indigenously developed by our Cyber Security experts, you can fill those gaps, by building an exposure prioritization platform that can detect and prevent attacks before they can happen.

Most Comprehensive Simulation Solution

The number of attacks that involve ransomware has increased significantly over the past couple of years. As a result, your network defences are no longer able to prevent these actors from penetrating. In fact, even if an attacker gets close to your critical assets, they do not have to go through the usual steps to access them. Instead, they can simply shut down your operations by restricting access and encryption. The demand for the updated and most comprehensive simulation solutions keeps growing to challenge the growing cybercrime wave. Until recent past, the most common cyber security testing tools used by  cybersecurity professional’s were  vulnerability scanners and  penetration testing, which was performed manually. But that is changed since  Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) technology came into existence.

Reversible Algorithm

The Wrixte attack simulation, help our customers through user-specified files encryption by using fully reversible algorithm. Customer can specify the desired target files and wrixte  attack simulation will encrypt those files prompting alert for the same. BYOD, RPDs ,VPNs and a host of new cloud and software tools have been introduced lately as enterprises, around the world, send employees home to work. These continuous changes expose your company in so many ways that traditional security controls can’t identify them. The only way to solve this problem is to deploy pre-emptive security layer that identifies gaps and helps you amend them on a continuous basis.

Bundled Features

Ransomware Attack Simulation:  

In this we mimic a real-world ransomware attackscenerio, so that you can beprepared and protected,ifa real attack ever occur, without damaging or encrypting any of the organization’s files. WrixteRansomwareAttackSimulator uses smart measures to bypass existing spam filters and antivirus technologies and delivers a real-life cyber-attack end-user experience.WrixteRansomwareAttack Simulator and Ransomware finding reports, helpsorganizations inpreparingand designingeffective mitigation strategies, also taking intoconsiderationall areas of potential failure, including people, process and technology.

Zero Trust Assessment:  

Wrixte will test all the 7 Layers of Zero Trust Architecture and will let you know the current position in ZTA. The major driving force behind Zero Trust was a need to move security professionals away from a failed perimeter-centric approach of security to a model that was much more data - and identity-centric together with better adaptability for today’s digital business, where even the most basic business processes are barely self-contained within the four walls of the corporation. But Zero Trust is more than the network segmentation; it’s a holistic approach that includes technologies and processes for: 

  • Zero Trust data – Data Security is one of the pillars of a Zero Trust strategy, which ultimately is a technology solution. 
  • Zero Trust networks - The ability to segment, isolate, and control the network continues to be a pivotal point of control for Zero Trust. 
  • Zero Trust people - The last line of any Zero Trust strategy is limiting and strictly enforcing the access of users and securing those users as they interact with the internet. 
  • Zero Trust workloads - Workloads is a term that in some extent security professionals are unfamiliar with but refers to the entire application stack from the app layer through the hypervisor or self-contained components of processing like containers and virtual machines within the stack. 
  • Zero Trust devices – Internet of Things (IOT) and network-enabled device technologies have introduced a massive area of potential compromise for networks and enterprises. 
  • Visibility and analytics - You can’t combat a threat you can’t see or understand. This focus area of the extended Zero Trust ecosystem helps with the ability of a tool, platform, or system to empower the security analyst to accurately observe threats that are present and orient defenses more intelligently. 
  • Automation and orchestration - The ability to have positive command and control of the many components that are used as part of the Zero Trust strategy is a vital piece of the extended Zero Trust ecosystem. 

Data Breach & Attack Simulation: 

We use some safe exploits into your network which will not hamper your network. Wrixte Breach and Attack Simulation (WBAS) addresses the need of organizations being safe, making it an essential addition to SOC teams. But WBAS can deliver even more. Integrating WBAS with your SOC empowers your team to unify information that is actionable, enrich event and alert data, prioritize alerts precisely, validate remediation effectiveness, and continually improve your security posture. 


Network Segmentation & Lateral Movement:  

Wrixte will conduct the test for lateral movement across your network and its segments. We take architectural approach in Network Segmentation to divides a network into various segments or subnets, where each segment or subnet acts as its own small network. Lateral movement is the techniques that a cyber-attacker or criminal uses, after gaining initial access, to dive deeper into a network in order to search sensitive data and other high-value assets. 


Credential Leakage & Brute Force Attack Simulation :


A brute force attack uses trial-and-error to guess login details, encryption keys, or find a hidden web page. Hackers uses all possible combinations in hope of guessing it correctly. However,this attack method is old, but it's still effective and popular within the hacker’s community. Credential based attack comes into picture when attackers steal credentials to gain access, bypass an organizations security measures, and steal critical data. 

Remediate The Gaps In Your Network