Advanced Security Monitoring

Wrixte SOC suite is customizable and scalable SOC suite that helps in enabling advanced security monitoring and security monitoring to small, medium and enterprise organizations.

Big Data Security

With the rise of 5G technologies, use of IoT & IIoT will grow rapidly and with that the industry will require security analytics platform which can handle the massive data flowwhich will come from the distributed IoT/IIoT networks. wrixte SOC suite already supports big data & horizontal scalability, we just need to conduct research and make it fast and scalable enough to handle the massive data flow.

Why it Matters that We are Integrated?

Automated ticketing system - Alerts automatically generates a ticket to be checked by one of our engineers; Compliance rules built into the wrixte aiSIEM, guaranteeing company-wide protection to fines. Our Security Operational Team that also handles the AI SIEM, allowing us to improve our solutions daily, instead of through updates. We can customize the client’s Dashboard to match their needs Automated Security and Compliance Reports straight from our SIEM. No need to wait 15-30 days for a report. You can create one yourself. Control Panel to check on the SIEM/SOC team’s work in real time. Faster setup, with no upfront costs and no hidden fees. 1-10 days to setup, instead of 6-12 months