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Advanced Features

  • Security Analytics


  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Policy & Compliance Monitoring

    • Efficient IOC Database

    • Adjustable Taxonomy

    • Automatic Correlation Finding

    • Expansion Module in Python

    • Intelligence Vocabularies

    • Sighting Support

    • Integrated Encryption and Signing of the Notification

      Core Features

      • Threat Analyzer Library

      • Threat Responder Library

      • Threat Observables

      • Multi Tenant Environment

        Core Features

        • Knowledge Management

        • Data Visualization

        • Observables and Indicators Context

        • Exploration and Correlation

        • Automated Reasoning

        • Unified and Consistent Data Model

          Core Features

          • Alert Management

          • Case Management

          • Multi Tenant Environment

          • Advanced User Management

          • Metrics & Dashboards

          • MISP & CTI Integration

          • MITRE ATT&CK Integration

            Use Cases

            To match the pace of ever changing work environment, you need an automated security testing tool which is readily available. By deploying the wrixte SOC Suite as an ongoing testing solution, you can verify the security baseline of your network and achieve full network coverage.

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            Complete End-to-End Integrated SOC Suite

            Automated Threat Detection, Investigation & Response

            Continuous Threat Intelligence Feeds

            Fully Automated Data Breach & Attack Simulation Solution

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