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How Red Team Assessment Works

Define the scope of the assessment and identify the assets and systems to be exploited during the read teaming.

A method that involves manipulating people into performing actions that they are not suppose to do.

A method that involves sending deceptive emails or messages to trick users into divulging sensitive information or installing malware.

A method that involves gaining physical access to a building or facility to obtain information or plant a device.

A method that involves exploiting vulnerabilities in a network to gain unauthorized access to systems or data.

A method that involves exploiting vulnerabilities in software applications to gain access to systems or data.

It involves testing the security of wireless networks and devices to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Once the target system has been exploited and access is gained, escalate privileges to gain more control over the target systems.

of breaches include social engineering - DBIR 2020
of attacks are covert and go unnoticed - DBIR 2020
breaches involved phishing - DBIR 2020

Red Team Assessment Advantages

As corporations have learned that hackers don't always play fairly, red team assessments have become a more frequent element to cyber security measures. Businesses can more accurately assess their security posture by evaluating numerous attack surfaces at once.

  • Knowledge of both known and unknown risks
  • Analyze the physical and digital security
  • Evaluate and reduce the attack surface
  • Comply with initiatives and rules
  • Creating corrective action strategies
  • Minimise possible downtime
  • Strengthen security posture
  • Estimate the pace of real-time reaction
  • Analyze the impact of security awareness training

Validate your defense, test your breach response and understand business impact.

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