Comprehensive Attack Surface Management Solutions for Effective Cybersecurity


Asset Inventory Management

Efficiently track and manage your organization's assets with our comprehensive inventory management system, ensuring improved visibility and reduced risk.


Vulnerability Management

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your systems with automated vulnerability scanning and assessment, reducing the risk of security breaches.


Security Configuration Assessment

Evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure against industry standards and best practices with automated assessments and compliance reporting

Stay Ahead of Potential Threats with Wrixte

Discover all digital assets, including shadow IT, abandoned infrastructure, and misconfigurations, with comprehensive visibility.

Discover and track all assets in your IT environment continuously for effective security and asset management.

Continuous inventory management keeps track of your IT assets 24/7, helping you identify misconfigured, or vulnerable systems.

Leverage threat intelligence data to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities across your attack surface, improving your overall security posture.

Identify, analyze, and prioritize risks with risk assessment, enabling you to make informed decisions and minimize the risk.

Elevate your security with a stronger posture using continuous monitoring, risk assessment, and improved visibility of your assets.

Gain Peace of Mind with Our Proactive Managed SOC Services

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