Wrixte NDR Use Cases

Discover and Eliminate Network Cyber Threats with Wrixte NDR

Wrixte NDR can detect potential threats within the network and flag them for further investigation.

Wrixte NDR can monitor for suspicious user behavior or activity that may indicate an insider threat.

Wrixte NDR can help segment networks to improve security and reduce the impact of an attack.

Wrixte NDR can monitor for abnormal network activity that may indicate a security threat.

Wrixte NDR can help organizations gain visibility into all endpoints connected to the network.

Wrixte NDR can monitor network performance to identify issues and improve efficiency.

Prevention of Threats


Identity fraud

The acquisition of user account information is a crucial enabler of lateral mobility. To do so, attackers intercept internal traffic and use vulnerabilities in networking mechanisms to harvest password hashes.


Exfiltration of data

Exfiltrating compromised data to the attacker's premises from the internal environment is the last step in any attack. Disguising the exfiltration as a valid protocol, such as DNS, HTTPS, etc., is a typical technique for getting past perimeter security.


Moving Laterally

The initial compromised endpoint is only a means to an end for skilled attackers, not a goal in and of itself. The server or other endpoints are where the attack's true goal lies. There are several vectors for spreading throughout an environment, and many of them produce distinctive network traffic.



Any type of port scanning is often used to gather information about the attacked environments, which is a requirement for effective harmful expansion.


Risky Connections

Malware distribution, phishing, and known C2C based on intelligence feeds all involve active communication with rogue websites.

Go Beyond Firewalls and Antiviruses

Eliminate Advanced Cyber Threats with Wrixte NDR

Traffic Analysis

Wrixte NDR is capable of analyzing network traffic to identify anomalies and patterns that may indicate a security threat.


Behavior Analysis

Wrixte NDR can use behavioral analysis to identify suspicious activity and detect threats that may be missed by traditional approaches.



Wrixte NDR is horizontally scalable and can handle increasing network traffic and data volumes as organizations grow and evolve.



Wrixte NDR is capable of integrating with other security tools and platforms to provide a holistic view of the security landscape and streamline security operations.


Reporting and Analytics

Wrixte NDR provides reporting and analytics capabilities to help organizations understand network security trends and identify areas for improvement.


Ease of Use

Wrixte Network Detection and Response is easy to deploy, configure, and use, with intuitive interfaces and streamlined workflows for security teams.


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