Gain complete insight into the health and performance of your infrastructure.

Effortlessly gain visibility into your ephemeral infrastructure’s health and performance with Wrixte. Track tens of thousands of metrics using open source-based integrations, and filter out irrelevant data to reduce costs. Slice and dice your metric data to gain insights into any component of your infrastructure.

Aggregate and streamline metrics from various sources, such as Prometheus

  • Easily forward your Prometheus metrics to Wrixte for storage and analysis with just three lines of code added to your configuration files.
  • You can monitor your systems using Open Telemetry, which is a unified agent that streams metrics, logs, and traces to Wrixte for analysis and storage.
  • You can easily collect metrics from AWS CloudWatch or an AWS Kinesis Firehose stream using Wrixte.
  • We provide long-term visibility into infrastructure trends and enable retrospective analysis to identify and troubleshoot issues.


Take your dashboarding and data visualization to the next level.

  • Easily create and monitor data visualizations using Wrixte Dashboards with drag-and-drop interface. Use filters to drill into trends and customize your dashboard.
  • Migrate your existing dashboards to Wrixte Dashboards with ease
  • Identify the root cause of new issues by correlating metrics with recent deployments and monitoring the impact of changes on your system's health.


Analyze issues with relevant context using data correlation.

If you notice an abrupt change in your metrics, you can swiftly identify the root cause by correlating the metrics with pertinent information such as:

  • Logs: Troubleshoot new issues immediately with data correlation
  • Traces: Accelerate problem resolution in your microservices architecture.
  • Deployments: Quickly identify the source of new problems by pinpointing which deployments caused them with data correlation.

Get notified immediately for new issues with real-time monitoring.

  • Create alerts that trigger when metrics exceed certain thresholds for a specified duration of time.
  • Enhance the precision of alerts by combining metrics alerts with log or trace alerts.
  • You can send alert notifications to various endpoints, including Slack, Telegram, Chime, and more.

Protect your organization with our 24/7 dedicated team on duty to keep you safe.

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