Wrixte Security Orchestration & Automated Response

Making Automation Approachable

Wrixte SOAR automates the threat identification, analysis and incident response process with plug and play apps. Wrixte SOAR aims to bring all the capabilities necessary to transfer data throughout an enterprise with plug-and-play Apps, making automation approachable for everyone. It should remove the need for a coder on the team, empowering everyone by being able to deploy new, complicated (or simple) workflows in minutes rather than hours or days.

Core Features of Wrixte SOAR

Prebuilt SOAR Playbooks
Wrixte has made playbooks that are available to anyone. These playbooks are made using some of our favourite frameworks and tools, and are designed to help you get started with Wrixte SOAR.
Open Framework
Open frameworks are at the core of what we do. We leverage these, and many more to standardize integrations towards any system. Wrixte offers integration with Open API, MITRE ATT&CK, SIGMA etc.
App Editor
How do we deliver new use-cases so fast? Because we standardize. We use OpenAPI as our main way of interacting with API's, which is widely used outside the cyber security industry. We aim to change that, making it easier to find and use any API you want to use.
Phishing, Social Engineering, Ransomware, Downloaders, Drive-bys, Malvertising, Zerodays, Password cracking, DDOS, Scareware and SQL injection (and many more) are all types of attacks you have to deal with daily as an incident responder. These all come with different solutions that try to solve them.

Facing Alert Fatigue & Lack of Development ?

All blue teams and information security departments have to two problems in common:
Alert fatigue and Lack of development.
If you don’t give security professionals hard puzzles to solve, but rather fires to fight, and the environment stagnates, it will eventually lead to turnover. This is a common theme in incident response teams, and Wrixte is looking to solve it.